Believe in your worthiness

How many of you know the difference between self confidence and self esteem? Most people would assume they are the same. Self confidence is believing in your ability to do something. For example “I am confident that I will succeed in this new job,” or “I am confident that I will lose these last ten pounds.” Self esteem, on the other hand, means believing in your worthiness. You encompass high self esteem if you believe you are worthy of attracting greatness in your life. Or, you have high self esteem if you believe you are worthy of being in a healthy and loving relationship. Today I want to talk specifically about your self esteem-believing in your worthiness. It makes me sad when I encounter people who have very low levels of self esteem. Because they do not feel worthy, they behave in certain ways that attract toxic people and situations into their life. This feeds the belief that they are not worthy. It is a vicious cycle that is very deflating to their spirit and level of happiness. How do you feel about your own levels of self esteem? Do you feel worthy of great things? Do you feel deserving of living your best life? Do you feel worthy of being surrounded by loving and supportive people? Nobody is more deserving than someone else. The simple act of being born allows you the same luxury. This week take some time to look a bit deeper and answer some questions. The answers will either set you free or open your eyes to making some much needed life changes.

1. Help someone else
     The simple act of helping someone else raise their self esteem, causes you to boost your own self esteem. It takes the focus off you and naturally feels good. There is always someone in your life that could use a helping hand. Offer your support and see how it feels over time.
2. Ask for help
     Life is too short to feel like you are all alone. Instead of feeling like a victim to your circumstances, reach out and ask for help. If your weight is causing you to have low self esteem, reach out to a personal trainer or nutritionist. If your self esteem is shattered due to life challenges, reach out to a life coach or therapist. I offer free consults to any of you who are serious about improving your life. Simply shoot me an email.
3. Push outside your comfort zone
     One of the quickest ways to boost your self esteem is to push outside your comfort zone. Taking risks is a surefire way to feel better about yourself. These risks give you opportunities to rely on yourself and believe in yourself and your worthiness. Over time you will stand taller and more confident. Take one risk this week that you have been putting off.

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