Do you limit yourself?

Last week in my Monday Morning Tip I discussed The Secret and the Law of Attraction. By now I am sure you know that I am a firm believer in creating and taking ownership for the direction your life takes. There are always outside circumstances that affect your life, but it is ultimately up to you when it comes to how you react to life’s curve balls. One factor in creating your best life is making sure you do not limit yourself or your success. Limiting behaviors and beliefs simply hold you back. Too often people feel like a victim in their own lives instead of taking responsibility. A client I worked with a few years back was living the victim role in every sense of the word. She disliked her apartment, hated her job, disliked her colleagues and never had enough money. She was a constant source of stress and negativity. Not until she took responsibility for the fact that she was attracting everything into her life that she claimed she did not want, was she able to make progress. Her limiting beliefs and behaviors were creating a miserable existence for herself. When she finally changed her outlook, her attitude, her response to others negativity, her life improved dramatically. She knew that she was the only one responsible for limiting herself emotionally and physically. If she attracted the negative situations and people, why couldn’t she also attract the positive situations and people. This week I want you to examine your own life and determine whether or not you are limiting yourself.

1. How do you limit yourself?
     Take out a piece of paper and answer this question. What do you do or not do that limits your sucess in different areas of your life. Some examples could be I am lazy, or I spend more money than I make, or I don’t follow through on what I say I am going to do, or I listen to what others say about me. This list is important if you want to make some positive adjustments.
2. What has this cost me?
    Look at your list above and answer the next question. What have the examples above cost you? Possibly you are in extreme debt, or you have no self respect, or you are in a toxic relationship, or possibly people don’t trust your word. Think about what the behaviors above have cost you in your life. Is it worth the cost?
3. Are you willing to stop?
     Now that you are aware of your limiting beliefs or behaviors, you have two choices on how to proceed. You can either continue doing what you are doing and take responsibility for how it is costing you, or you can make some changes. I advise brainstorming ways you can get rid of limiting behaviors so that you get back on track with creating your best life. Contact me for a consult if you need some help getting started.

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