Key ingredient in rejuvenating yourself~

For the past couple of months I have been a bit stressed. Typically I handle my full plate fairly well, however it has slowly been having its way with me. I feel emotionally, spiritually and physically disconnected. My husband Roger is pretty good at noticing when I am off balance. He has seen first hand how much happier and at peace I am when I take time to meditate, exercise, journal and nurture myself. By the time evening rolls around, it is very easy to cuddle up and watch a good show. However, I have noticed that the more television I watch, the more disconnected I feel. So, Roger suggested I get rid of television a couple of nights a week and read a good book, journal or meditate. At first I pushed the idea aside, but the more I thought about it, the more I agreed it was something I needed to do. Having some quiet time to reflect on my blessings, journal my affirmations, or read a good book is truly food for the soul. Television is a great escape every now and then, but when it becomes mindless time spent, it truly depletes your spirit. I have read many books on happiness and positive psychology, and they also discuss the negative affects of television. Happy people know to turn the television off. So, my wish for all of you this week is to turn the television off for an evening or two, and get re-engaged with activities that fill your spirit.

1. How are you feeling?
    The first step this week is to determine how you are feeling. Are you stressed out? Are you unhappy? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Use this as a baseline for where you are starting. You will then be able to determine whether or not decreasing television has a positive impact on you.
2. What are you missing out on?
    If you are someone who watches a lot of television, what other activities are you neglecting? Do you wish you had more time for exercise? Do you miss spending time with friends? Do you want to get back to journaling? Do you long for time to just listen to music and relax? Decide what other activities you could devote some time and attention to.
3. Just do it
    The first step in making improvements to your life is to simply take action. Instead of wishing your life would improve, you need to be in action mode. Start small and work your way up. Instead of unplugging the television for good (which is simply unrealistic and unnecessary), cut the hours down by one-third or one-half. Then begin plugging in other activities that feed your soul.

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