Success and happiness~

How would you define success? How would you define happiness? Do you think they go hand in hand? If you are extremely successful, do you automatically exude happiness? If you are really happy, are you automatically successful in your own right? There are many individuals that by society’s definition, are not successful. They may be fairly poor or have bad health conditions, but they are happier and more at peace than wealthy and healthy individuals. Why is this? Each and every person has the right to be happy, it is up to them however to find this happiness and choose to live a life expressing it. Without a clear purpose, people lose sight of the larger picture of life. It is so easy to get caught up in the insignificance of things, that you lose touch with what really matters to you. One thing I can absolutely guarantee you is that if you are at peace with your decisions in life, if you tap into your passions and prioritize how you spend your time, you will be both successful and happy. Do you find yourself ever getting completely consumed with your life down the road? Maybe you tell yourself “I will be happy once I achieve something, or once I have this much money then I will finally be happy”. By saying these statements out loud or to yourself, you are making it clear to the Universe that your life is not complete now.  It is easy to torture ourselves with constantly focusing on something that is not present in our lives right now. This only leads to discouragement and dissatisfaction. Of course I believe in the importance of setting goals and working towards achieving things, but if you place your happiness solely on whether or not you achieve them, you are setting yourself up to be disappointed. Try to be happy and successful in your life now, enjoy everything and everyone you surround yourself by, and then reach for the stars. Just don’t assume that your life will be spectacular once you reach a set point or have a set amount of money in the bank. Find the inner happiness and the outer satisfactions will follow.
1. How happy are you?
Answer this question as truthfully as you can. Rate this between a 1-10. What would need to happen to raise that number? How do you define happiness? I think it is important to clearly define what would make you happy before you can reach for it.
2. Outward or inward
Too many times people rely on others to make them happy. Take a look at what is keeping you unhappy. Are you blaming outside situations or circumstances for your unhappiness? Are you blaming another individual? If there is a pattern as to why you feel unhappy, this will be important to uncover. If many of your problems are based on others, take a look at how you are contributing to your situation. You need to begin to work on creating happy feelings from inside and work out.
3. Keep good company
Do you ever notice that happy and successful individuals tend to surround themselves by other happy and successful people? Likes attract likes. Take a look at the people in your life. If you want to feel happier, seek out genuinely happy people. Spend time with them. I guarantee their energy will rub off on you and be contagious.

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