Treasure every moment!

I have had a very emotional week this week. I found out that a little girl my daughter’s age, six years old and as sweet as can be, has incurable brain cancer. I am extremely sensitive already, and so this news stopped me in my tracks. I broke down and cried as a tsunami of emotions swept over me. My heart broke for the little girl and the journey she is about to undertake. My heart broke for the parents, whom only a week before had the perfect life full of dreams and good fortune. My heart broke for the girl’s siblings, who still do not realize the gravity of what is going on. I wanted to hug my children and never let go. I am still struggling with feelings and fears that cannot be cured right now. I know in my heart that there is a divine order to the universe, but that does not ease the pain or sadness. My brother-in-law, who I think is wise beyond his years and a Rabbi in his profession, gave me something to think about. He s aid that the more we feel the joy and goodness in our lives, the more we feel the sadness and heartache as well. The more engaged and present we are in our lives, the more we open ourselves up to feeling sorrowful and distress. It is a gift to feel the love and energy of others, but by being sensitive and tuned in to others, you also feel their sadness and pain. It is simply a price you pay for opening your heart up to love and compassion.

     Nobody knows with certainty what tomorrow will bring, so it is crucial to treasure every moment you have. When something happens so close to home, it should act as a wake-up call in your own life. Life is too short to hold grudges. Life is too short not to express love to your family and friends. Love fully. Hug your children. Call your parents or siblings. Reach out to a friend in need. Show your appreciation to your spouse or significant other. And don’t wait until tomorrow, because all you are guaranteed is the present- this moment right now. Please take this week to enjoy life’s simple pleasures before it is too late.
1. Get rid of drama
    I have never been a supporter of drama. It is a waste of time and energy. And most importantly, it is an unattractive quality. Drama takes you away from what really matters in life. Living in the moment means surrounding yourself by people and things that make you feel good. Getting rid of the drama will help you engage more in your life. Choose wisely who and what you surround yourself by.
2. Just stop
    This week I want you to be conscious of stopping every now and then. Stop whatever you are doing and take notice of what really matters. Turn off your cell phone and play with your kids. Turn off the computer and talk with your spouse. Put work away and read a book to your child. Just the act of stopping will open your eyes to what really matters. We spend a lot of wasted time during the day.
3. Focus on gratitude
    I express gratitude fairly regularly, however this week has been an exception. I have been so grateful that my children are healthy, that we live in a beautiful home, that my family is safe and happy, and that we are surrounded by wonderful friends. The act of being grateful sends a signal out to the universe to send you more things and experiences to be grateful for. Every evening get out a gratitude journal and write down 3 things you are grateful for in your life. You will feel great and it will force you to live your life more in the moment.

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