Work-life balancing act~

With everything going on in your life, it is really difficult to strike a healthy balance between work and home. You have work deadlines and obligations, and a family who deserves your attention and love. I am always trying to improve the way I balance everything in my own life, but it is a constant work in progress. Luckily I know when I am starting to sway too much to one side, and I correct it before it becomes an issue. I love my work, but my priority and focus will always be on my family first. At the end of my life it is the memories created with my family that will stick with me. Because every one of us is unique, you are able to create a balance that works for you and your loved ones. It really doesn’t matter what anyone else does- it will always seem like others are balancing things better. Do you feel good with the amount of time given to both work and family? Do you feel like one area is being neglected? This is your opportunity to do a bit of reflection and make some subtle changes. Even though I am a life coach, and people sometimes assume I balance everything with grace, I am still human making human mistakes. My life is also an opportunity to grow and evolve, and I guarantee every day I learn something new about myself. I will always try to balance things a little better, but I don’t set unrealistic expectations on myself. I know that I am doing my best to succeed professionally as well as be the best and most loving mom I can be. This week follow some of my tips and see how you feel.

1. Keep a log
     All of my clients at one point have to keep a time log for one week. Keeping a log of how you spend your time is very important when looking at your life as a whole. It gives you a visual for what activities take up the majority of your time. Keep a log of your personal and professional activities for one week. At the end of the week review your log and decide how you would like to better spend your time.
2. Learn to say no
    Whether it is a co-worker asking you to take over a project or a class mom asking you to organize a party, it is ok to respectfully say no. When you quit doing things out of guilt, you will make room for activities that you genuinely want to commit to. This automatically creates more joy and balance in your life. You are committing to activities of your choice and saying no to activities that will not have much meaning.
3. Leave work at work
    This tip is one close to my heart. Because I have a home office it is difficult to completely disengage from work when I am with my family. It is important to check work at the door when you are with your family. Turn off your cell phone. Unplug your laptop. I am not asking you to do this all the time-just be more conscious of it. You will appreciate the time more with your family when you do not have outside distractions.
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3 Responses to Work-life balancing act~

  1. I am having this same problem with the juggle of school, work, fun and my creative personal time and I find myself bs-ing homework to get by instead of shooting for the A. So I am going to try out your advice here specially the tool of using a log to visually track down the time and find ways I can cut or add a block of time