A lesson from my Mom~

In honor of Mother’s Day I wanted to dedicate this week’s tip to my own Mother. As many of you know, she passed away from Lou Gehrig’s disease at the very young age of fifty-six. She was truly an inspiration to so many people, and I could honestly write book after book offering her words of wisdom and advice. No matter what struggles she faced, from breast cancer to ovarian cancer, she always lived her life with passion and joy. Motherhood is such a selfless and committed act of love and strength, and this week I hope you can acknowledge yourself or someone you know. I remember that my mother had this energy about her. You simply wanted to be in her presence. My sister has that same energy. As a mom, she took on that role completely. What amazed me the most, however, was her ability to be this engaged mom on all levels, yet still nurture all the other areas of her life. She took trips with her girlfriends. She owned her own business. She took many self development courses. I believe on some spiritual level her soul knew she had limited time, so she lived her life completely and passionately. She taught my brother and sister and I many life lessons that I would love to share with you this week. If you are a mother reading this tip, please acknowledge what a wonderful job as a mother you are doing. I know you are trying your best and I hope you can pamper yourself with some kindness. For all the mom’s in your life, take some time this week to tell them what a great job they are doing. Give them some encouragement and love. My daughter made my husband and I get teary eyed this week. She is super star for her class and they are responsible for creating a poster that let’s the class get to know them better. One of the questions asked her if she had any wish in the entire world, what would she wish for. She wrote down That my mom’s mom was alive. Because of the stories I tell and the way I talk about my mom, my kids truly feel like they know her. So from one mom to another, please take the tips below to heart and share them with the mom’s in your life.
1. Lighten up and don’t take life so seriously
My mom always said “lighten up” when we took things too serious. Life can be complicated and crazy at times, but whenever you start to take your life too seriously, it is helpful to remember this saying. I tend to look at the big picture and keep a lightness to worrying about things out of my control. Life is truly a blessing, so try to keep things in perspective.
2. Don’t forget to take time for yourself
I know my husband is chuckling right now to himself. This is one I still struggle with. My mother was a great example of how important it is to nurture yourself and your needs. She exercised regularly. She spent a lot of time with her girlfriends. She took classes that excited her. She took regular vacations with my father (minus the kids). No wonder she was genuinely happy and joyful. This time literally rejuvenated her and protected her from the stress she was facing. Do something this week that is just for you.
3. Remain positive no matter what
I guarantee my mother had every right and reason to be negative and down on her luck. Overcoming breast cancer twice, stage four ovarian cancer, and then struggling with Lou Gehrig’s, would have put anyone over the edge. But even through all of that, she was the most positive and joyful person I knew. I wish more than anything I could talk with her now and ask her how she did it. She loved her life and she was not about to let anything get in her way of taking full advantage of all of her blessings. So please keep this in mind when you have a choice whether to stay positive or focus on the negatives.

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