Tips to stay resilient~

It may seem as though things are improving, and for some they may be, but many people are still struggling with job loss and financial insecurity. This can be frightening and unsettling. Life can throw you curve balls when you least expect it, but there are always ways you can combat these hurdles. I remember working with a client who lost her position with a company she had been with for over ten years. She went through the normal state of emotions, from fear to freak out mode to peace of mind. She had always dreamed of owning her own company and she realized this was the opportunity she had been waiting for. As scary as it was, we worked together on creating a plan that she felt comfortable with and she slowly moved forward. She realized the world was not going to crumble around her and she tapped into an inner confidence. By staying positive and focusing on her strengths and attributes, she was able to transition into her dream career. I know from my own personal experience that my mind can create a mountain out of a molehill when I am feeling insecure and unsure of things. I have realized however, that it does not change anything other than make me feel worse. If I don’t have control over some outside factors, at least I have total control over my mind and my response to things. This week if you are feeling anxious about some things going on in your own life, try taking a step back and applying some of the tips I am going to give you. Keep in mind that if you want a quick fix to feeling down and anxious, the key is doing good for others. The simple act of spreading positive karma makes you feel better and takes the focus off of what is going on in your life.

1. Don’t catastrophize
     After a negative situation happens in your life, it is very easy to assume the absolute worst. “I am never going to fall in love again” “I will be living on the streets if I don’t find a job” or “I am going to deplete my savings and be broke.” It is easy to make problems much bigger than they really are. Recognize this little voice in your head and then  come up with more likely scenarios. This will lessen your anxiety.
2. Focus on gratitude
     The have been countless studies on the positive benefits of keeping a gratitude journal. A journal will make you feel more optimistic. Instead of solely focusing on the negative situation, you are focusing your energy on the blessings in your life. This optimism will lead to hope which will lead to positive change. Keep a nightly journal and get to work. I guarantee you will feel better and more in control of your situation.
3. Make a plan
     The key to resiliency is to spend less energy on things you can’t control and more energy on being proactive. Focusing on the problem will only keep you stuck. Coming up with solutions will move you forward. Write down a list of ideas to help you focus on the future-things you do have control over. This step will boost your confidence and help you feel more empowered over your situation. Good luck!

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