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Know when too much is too much~

As you all know, we sent out kids to summer camp last week. I am very happy to share with you that they survived and I survived them being gone. The week leading up to camp was extremely stressful and cram packed with activities, swimming and parties. I was in survival mode. The day we took them to camp, as I was shutting my son’s duffle bag, I realized I forgot to pack him shorts and pants for the week. I had so much going on that I almost sent him to a week of camp with the shorts he was wearing. I would have felt horrible had I not caught the mistake. The camp also posts pictures of your kids while at camp. I noticed my daughter, who is the most joyful and happy girl in the world wasn’t smiling like she usually does. Of course I began overanalyzing it and feeling so sad that maybe she was sad at camp. When they got home she mentioned to my husband that I didn’t pack any chapstick and her lips were very chapped and it hurt to smile. Another point for mom of the year~ I forgot how important chapstick is in the mountains. My point with sharing all of this, is to stress the importance of recognizing when you have too much on your plate. I had so much going on, that it would have been helpful to pull back a bit and let go of some of the obligations we had planned. I was getting to the point where I was forgetting the basics. This week I would love for each of you to take a look at your own life, see how you are feeling, and decide if you need to take a break or let go of some obligations.

1. Take a look
     The first step is acknowledging what you have going on. Is your life full in a good healthy way? Or is it a bit overbooked? Are you excited about what you have on your plate or do you need to let something go? Just take a minute to process how you are feeling.
2. Decide what to let go
     If you have an overbooked schedule, and it is causing stress, decide what you can let go or delegate. On top of sending the kids to camp and planning and taking a trip to Lake Tahoe, I had a retreat I was hosting the day I picked up the kids from camp. I needed to prepare handouts and luckily my husband offered to take that burden off my shoulders.
3. Be in action mode
     Now that you have decided what changes need to be made, get in action mode. Ask for help. Delegate. Cancel appointments or obligations. Hire a sitter. Feeling completely overwhelmed and stressed is not healthy in any way, so be proactive in your approach to a solution.

Learn to let go~

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Break bad eating habits~

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Get rid of a bad mood~

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