Break bad eating habits~


I think summer is the best time to break bad eating habits and instill healthy and long-term habits. Because it is nice outside and you are more likely to be active, it feels natural to eat healthier. Most people eat more fresh fruits and vegetables while they are fresh in season. Do you feel like you need to shed some bad eating habits? Do you feel like your eating has become mindless? Personally in the summer I don’t snack nearly as much during the day or evening because I am running around all the time and engaged in outdoor activities. I am a believer in making changes that last, not just quick fix changes that won’t benefit me months from now. Many people struggle with weight issues and I would love to offer support and guidance to shed some pounds and feel great in the process. My husband and I are heading to Lake Tahoe in a week, minus the kids, and we can’t wait to go on beautiful hikes and bike rides. Just the act of being outdoors and being active pushes you to eat healthier and choose foods that make you feel your best.
Here are some tips to help you break the bad habits.
1. Be aware of the snacking
Most experts suggest snacking once or twice a day is healthy and keeps your blood sugar steady. However, when you begin snacking in place of real meals, you start to see problems. You lose track of how much snacking is really going on and you tend to eat more. Try a couple of snacks that are 150-300 calories each- snacks that are healthy and keep you full. Some options are cheese and crackers, yogurt, hummus and pita, a handful of nuts or vegetables and dip.
2. Mindless eating in front of the tv
Studies show that people who eat in front of the tv eat 20 to 60 percent more than those who are mindful while eating. It is so easy to space out while watching tv and before you know it an entire bag of chips is gone or a half carton of ice cream. If you like to eat while watching tv, make sure to portion out your serving beforehand and stop when you are done. I love to watch football in the Fall, but if you have snacks on the table in front of me I will eat much more than normal.
3. Eating on the go
If you are eating on the go you probably are not aware of how much you are eating. You are focused on driving, walking or working and not so focused on your meal. This falls into the topic of wanting to create mindful eating. Schedule time in for your meals like any other commitment. Not only will eating on the run create a stomach ache, but you are more likely to grab fast foods than a healthy choice. Slow down and prepare meals ahead of time. You will make wiser choices and notice the difference.


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