Learn to let go~

As you are reading this tip I am preparing to send both of my kids to a week long summer camp. I went through the emotional roller coaster last year with my son and now I am doing it with my youngest daughter too. I feel like my head and heart are clashing. My head tells me how good this experience is for them and that they will grow so much as independent thinkers. My heart on the other hand tells me that I am going to miss them so much and it hurts just thinking about it. Of course my head won. I try to emotionally prepare for this months in advance, but now the date has crept up on me and I have a knot in my stomach. As parents it is our job to raise our children into confident and insightful young adults. We can’t do that by hovering their every move and keeping them from truly experiencing life. I know that this week away from my husband and I is helping build a strong foundation for both of them. I am constantly learning to let go little by little. I know they appreciate the freedom to venture out there while we are still close enough to offer support and guidance. My advice for all of you going through similar experiences is to be kind with yourself and allow both your head and your heart to have a voice. Try not to only make decisions that are easy to make. Sometimes the hardest choices you make are the ones that ultimately need to be made. I know my kids are going to have a fantastic time at camp even if they feel sad and homesick. In the meantime I am going to enjoy some time with my husband. Watch me LIVE from Lake Tahoe this Tuesday the 22nd at 4pm PT. I will talk about the importance of nurturing your marriage and taking time away. Because I am running upstairs now to relax with my kids before they are off to camp tomorrow, I am going to keep the tips short and sweet. Learning to let go is about honoring what you are feeling while you are letting go a bit. Don’t beat yourself up for the feelings you are experiencing. Do your best and seek advice when you need it. In the meantime I am going to try to enjoy this week and I will catch up with you all next Monday~

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