Making a major life change~

Making a major life change such as a new job, a new baby, a new home, can be very intimidating. Life changes will sometimes happen upon you with little to no warning, and sometimes you will choose to make a change. I am a big proponent for change, for it almost always guarantees growth and self reflection. Yes it is scary, and yes it is ground shaking at times, but there is usually a reason why this change came into your life at that exact time. Change always requires courage and faith in the bigger picture. I have had many big changes in my life, and the one thing that I always rely on during the period of change is my intuition or gut feelings and the knowing that I will be OK in the long run. I have learned over time that I am better off when I accept what is going on and try to maintain an attitude of optimism. When working toward change, I always tell my clients that I am not going to thr ow them in the deep end of the pool if they can’t swim. We work on baby steps so that they build up their confidence and believe in themselves first. This belief will get them through change with flying colors. This week take some time to review your life and determine if change is in order. Sometimes a little change is just what you need to open the next chapter in your life.
1. Quiet your mind
When embarking on a major life change, sometimes the best first step is to simply quiet your mind. Figure out what your intentions are. Why do you want to seek out a new job? What are your thoughts on leaving a relationship? Keep a journal. Go for a walk. Talk with someone. Allow your true voice to come out and guide your decision.
2. Do your research
After you have processed the changes you wish to make, it is now time to research and educate yourself. Talk with others who have made similar transitions. Learn everything you can so that you feel confident moving forward. Research will give you the tools and confidence to move forward out of the fear zone.
3. Surround yourself by good friends
Whenever you go through major life changes, having a good support system will act as your protective coat. Friends will lift you up when you feel like giving up. They will help you see things more clearly. Nurture your friendships because these relationships will get you through the difficult times. Don’t hesitate to rely on your friends when you need them. You know how good it feels to help a friend in need, so allow them to be there for you.

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