Monthly Archives: April 2011

Negatives to blogging???

There are thousands and thousands of people now who blog and vlog the ups and downs of their lives. It has become quite the norm. I think it can be an amazing outlet and journal of sorts. I have also realized that blogging sometimes takes you away from really living your life. We find ourselves so focused on tweeting everything, writing a facebook message, typing on our blog, that we are disengaged from lots of things and people. There are times when I catch myself and literally have to walk out of my office and get some fresh air. Real life! Not my computer life. I would love to know what all of you think. How does blogging affect you? Please forward this post to all of your friends and ask them to answer one simple question. I would love to gain some insight. But for now…time to walk away from my computer and enjoy a gorgeous Spring day!!

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A Tribe of women in your life?

There was a very sad story yesterday about a mother and blogger who posted her own suicide note on her blog. She was married with 3 children and she felt her life was no longer worth living. She was overcome with depression and she felt her kids would have a healthier life in the longContinue Reading