A Tribe of women in your life?

There was a very sad story yesterday about a mother and blogger who posted her own suicide note on her blog. She was married with 3 children and she felt her life was no longer worth living. She was overcome with depression and she felt her kids would have a healthier life in the long run with her out of the picture. This tugged at my heart in a huge way. The fact that she felt so alone is something nobody should experience. I think the bond between women is huge and should be nurtured. I go through periods where I feel totally disconnected from my friends because we are all so busy with our lives. I am trying more than ever to commit to these friendships and carve out the time. Because I know there will be periods in my life when I am going to need to rely on these friends to get me through something. My Mom had an amazing “tribe” of friends in her life! She was like a magnet and women just gravitated toward her.  She battled and overcame breast cancer twice, stage 4 ovarian cancer and then was stricken by Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Needless to say this “tribe” rallied around her and got her through these extremely difficult times.  If you are feeling alone, maybe take a step back from your life and see how you can reach out more and cultivate these friendships. I too am committed to trying harder and penciling in more “girl time”. Let me know what you think and how you nurture your own “tribe” of women.

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  1. Having a tribe of women in my life has been a way of life for me. My mother had one, my sister has one and I am lucky to say I have a WONDERFUL group of women in my life and I thank heavens all the for it as I know that not many people are as lucky I am. I have some great friends in my life and not just fair weather friends but I also have SEVERAL life long friends in my life.

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