Mid week craziness

So Wednesday has arrived. I remember as a child I used to love Wednesdays! It was the middle of the week and it meant I was closer to the week-end. Unfortunately I don’t have that same feeling. As Summer approaches I am starting to seriously freak out. Trying to organize 3 months of activities and babysitters and playdates and vacations (oh yeah, and work too) is making me go gray. I feel like the count down is on. 4 weeks of freedom and calm before the storm. I get like this every year. As the summer approaches I have my mini mental break. Then the first couple weeks of summer I am on edge with the kids home full time. Then after about 3 weeks I start to really enjoy the summer-no lunches to pack, no homework, no juggling everything, no waking up and rushing to school. The middle portion of the summer I love! Then as we get closer to August I am ready to get back on the school train:) Ready to have some solitude again. Tired of listening to the kids argue from being around each other for 3 months. It is the same pattern every year. Am I the only one that feels that way?? So, as I am typing, I am thinking about everything I have to do today. Doesn’t it also seem like at the end of the year is when all the teachers give all these crazy projects?? Seriously? I have to come up with outfits for performances, try to make a volcano, help my son memorize 2 pages of script, and life goes on……So, my Wednesday is full today, what about yours??

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3 Responses to Mid week craziness

  1. Last summer I purposely decided I was not going to let summer stress me out. We spend the days hiking, biking, and being screen free-it was heavenly. This summer I’m taking my kids with me while I work at a summer camp in Maine… it is so “not me” to do these types of things but I’m committed to making every summer from now on “stress free” and fun.

  2. Mine’s the opposite of yours! I hate this end of the year – as a student myself, I’m cramming, working and trying to finish papers while I have the boys’ schools all demanding they finally turn in overdue work, have final meetings, etc. It’s pandemonium until I finish my classes in early May and I actually begin to enjoy the summer. Mmmm…. patios, evenings with daylight…. warm, warm sunshine. Bring it on! :)

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