Mom…host…author…turning 40??

OK, so I am going to start a new format to this blog. No longer am I solely offering lifestyle advice. I want it to be more personal. I want to share my life, ups and downs, with a grain of insight:) Maybe the fact that I am approaching 40 years old has something to do with it. Possibly the fact that I am approaching my 15 year wedding anniversary. Or, it could do with the fact that I am still “finding myself”. What do you think? I am immersed with personal growth books and evolving every day because of what I do. I host a weekly web show on Mom TV every Tuesday chatting with other amazing experts from around the country. It is my own personal therapy session for the week:) I have two amazing kids, 10 and 7, who bring meaning to my life. They also bring a lot of gray hair. Needless to say, this blog is going to be my journal, my craziness, my insight every now and then, my place to laugh at myself and hopefully share and connect with many of you. I would love for you to share comments, connect with me, laugh and cry with me and pass it on. So…there you go.  Here is the first of many. So please introduce yourself and say “hi”.


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  1. Leslie,

    Bravo! Love this new blog. We of course learn from expert advice but I have always felt that we learn SO much more…on such a deep level…when we share personally….we connect deeper.

    Can’t wait for more!

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