Negatives to blogging???

There are thousands and thousands of people now who blog and vlog the ups and downs of their lives. It has become quite the norm. I think it can be an amazing outlet and journal of sorts. I have also realized that blogging sometimes takes you away from really living your life. We find ourselves so focused on tweeting everything, writing a facebook message, typing on our blog, that we are disengaged from lots of things and people. There are times when I catch myself and literally have to walk out of my office and get some fresh air. Real life! Not my computer life. I would love to know what all of you think. How does blogging affect you? Please forward this post to all of your friends and ask them to answer one simple question. I would love to gain some insight. But for now…time to walk away from my computer and enjoy a gorgeous Spring day!!

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7 Responses to Negatives to blogging???

  1. I wouldn’t say that blogging takes me away from my life per se. I’m looking at our site as a business. But Tweeting and Facebook are total addictions! I have to shut down the connection on my phone so I stop checking it. Who knew it would be so difficult to do!

  2. I honestly feel like there are times when I am so focused on my computer-and everything related- that I lose focus on what really matters. It seems like I was genuinely happier before the craziness of the internet took off. Maybe it’s just me:)

  3. My blog has been in a coma. I never “livetweet” anything any more. I’m perfectly good with that.
    When I realized that I was “reporting my life rather than experiencing it” my behavior changed.

    My blogging is about to pick back up again now that I’ve found the balance – but the balance is the key thing. I blog because I have thoughts and experiences that I feel like sharing. But first I had to break the idea that if I didn’t do it, somehow I’d be “letting someone else down.”

    I’m back to doing it for the right reasons. But boy is it hard to find that balance sometimes!

  4. I am actually writing a blog on exactly this topic right now! Maybe I can link to yours with a credit? This is so true and Lucretia and you are right. It takes me away from what’s important.

    I have 2 jobs (like working outside the home jobs) then the around the clock job of mommy of 2 young ones. I do not always have time to do social networking, or blogging and it is a hobby for me but when do we hobbies? During family time- evenings, weekends, any free time we have and that time should be spent with the kids or with hubby and sadly, it takes me away from them. So… I often feel torn and guilty. Then there are social pressures too so it becomes stressful and then hobbies turn into commitments which is not a hobby anymore. So, yes, it is a balance and a fine line at that… when a hobby is no longer fun, I think it’s time to give it up :-)

  5. This MIGHT be the reason I’ve not started my blog yet. I consider FB & Twitter my microblogs. But you do need to find your balance. Some days are easier than others. But for me, many of my Social Media connections have become true friends and biz partners. I wouldn’t trade it, I’m thankful, but I’m mindful of keeping real life front & center.

    Now I’m seriously toying with my own blog. I want to make it work best for me and rep me in a way that I’m proud. It will be my digital signature. I’m eager. I’m cautious. I’m always learning. I hope I can add value.

  6. After two years of blogging, I still struggle somewhat with the nagging feeling that “I have to blog.” But, I’m much better than I was at the beginning. I used to spend 3-4 hours in the evenings perfecting my posts, which I committed to 3-4 times a week. I was getting NO sleep and finally asked myself “What am I doing?” Now, I limit my time to 1hr for posts, whether they are perfect or not, I publish them. If I get 2 up a week I’m doing pretty good. I feel like I have much better balance now between blogging and my life, but Twitter & Facebook are definite distractions that I still work at freeing myself from! All of it is a release for me, but the other side is how addictive they are.

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