Women supporting women~

Why the topic Women supporting women?? I am big on seeking out women who are supportive and kind. I think for some reason women bring about a lot more drama and insecurities when we get in large groups. Why is this? Why can’t we just be excited and happy for a friend when they succeed? I remember when I first moved into my new neighborhood. Because of what I do (Author, web show host, radio personality, etc…) some women I think had this preconceived belief on what kind of person I was. Once they got to know me one on one, that perception was blown away and they saw me as a wife, mother, business owner just like them. But I am still a bit bitter about it. Why did I have to prove myself? Why couldn’t I talk freely about everything I was doing (exciting web show, new projects, etc….) without thinking they might think I was gloating or something. I wanted to share everything I was doing, but I had to be picky and choosy which women I reached out to. Now that years have passed, I have an amazing group of friends in the neighborhood who love me and get excited to hear about everything I am doing. But it just brings up a sadness that we as women have to walk on egg shells sometimes in fear what other women will think or say. My advice?? Toot your own horn and build friendships with women who love you unconditionally! Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks…life is far too short~

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  1. I find it so annoying that women get so caddy. I have such a limited amount of time to spend freely, so I really try to weed out the riff-raff and spend that time with those that I really love and who really love me. I think it’s a lesson we learn as we get older.

    So I agree with you, toot your own horn, and your friends should be able to do it too!

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