A Day of Relaxation…..ahhhhh

Girl time…Relaxation…Colorado Mountains and more!

Where do I begin? I began talking with Arrabelle Spa up in Vail about putting together a little girls day for some other Denver social media gals. After a lot of going back and forth, the day arrived. There is a brand new Ritz Carlton in Vail and they offered to give us a little tour before our Spa day. After our drive up the mountains, we arrived at The Ritz. They brought us inside and we were all speechless. It was absolutely breathtaking!

This was the view outside the lounge area. It overlooks the pool and is right next to the bike path. The fire pit looked luxurious! Too bad we couldn’t stay the night~ They gave us a tour of the Hotel and we were all literally jaw to floor the entire time. I kid you not! From the work out room (totally decked out) to the Spa, the outdoor pool and beautifully furnished rooms, we were all hooked. They offer top of the line accommodations, on-site ski rentals, and a teen room your child would die for. If you are planning a family trip, you absolutely need to check this resort out! You can call them directly at 877 525-9631. So, after the tour they took us by shuttle over to the Arrabelle Spa. Very nice so we didn’t need to hassle with driving and parking.

We arrived at the Spa, which was literally a one minute drive and was met by Angie the Spa Director. They took us to the Locker rooms and showed us the Hot tub area (literally looks like a Greek-inspired room) and the relaxation area. We were already relaxed before the day even began:) We had an hour before any of the treatments began and so we all changed into your suits and hit the hot tub. They brought in a gourmet cheese platter and some champagne. Did I say total relaxation:) Just to have some quiet time to connect with these other women, drink some champagne and remove ourselves from our lives for a tid bit of time, was heavenly. I am so a believer in regularly nurturing your body, mind and soul. I think it rejuvenates you to keep going, while cleansing all the junk away.

So to make a long story short, we had a fabulous day! I received a mini massage and foot scrub that was divine. The rooms are so calming and the therapist used a lavender spray too. The hour went by way too fast, but it definitely got the job done. I felt refreshed and calm. All the other ladies received their treatments and raved about the therapists and their experience. If you live in Colorado, I highly recommend escaping to Arrabelle for a day. They even have a special going on through May 26th. You can receive 35% off select Spa Treatments. Go by yourself. Grab a girlfriend. Take your Mom. Just do something nice for yourself without the guilt. I guarantee you will feel great!

The Spa of course couldn’t send us away empty handed! They gave each of us a goody bag filled with products from Naturopathica. I can’t wait to try the lotions and sprays~All in all, we had a fabulous day of luxury. I will definitely be going back…probably sooner than later:)

Happy Pre-Mother’s Day everyone! I hope you celebrate in your own way and allow your loved ones to shower you with love!


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  1. Leslie, the spa day was such a gift! Your review is spot-on. You should have no guilt in gifting this to yourself or a friend/relative. I am reliving the day each time I use one of the Naturopathica products – they help take me back to heaven!

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