Summer, Mommy and Stress:) my kids got out of school on Friday and I still can’t believe Summer is here. I always stress this time of year. The thought of having them home for 3 months, micromanaging everything, entertaining them, and trying to have fun is a handful:) I usually freak out for the first 3 weeks, then I get in the swing of things and really love summer, and then the last 2-3 weeks I am ready for them to get back on a routine. Because the weather has been so dreary here in Denver, it doesn’t even feel like Summer yet. So it hasn’t really sunk in. I am however going to try to do things differently this year. My kids are getting older and I know before I blink an eye they won’t want to hang out with mom during the summer. So, this summer I vow to really enjoy the time with them and create lasting memories. This is my goal and one you can all incorporate too if you want~

  • Plan some outings- I am going to get out the calendar and pencil in some fun things that both kids and I want to do this summer. I know if I don’t pencil it in, the summer will whiz by and it won’t happen. So I want to think big and throw some fun ideas at them.
  • Lighten up- I am going to try to lighten up, not stress about everything, and really be in the moment with them. I want to find a balance that feels good.
  • Carve out some “me” time- Even with enjoying the time more with the kids, I still know I need to pencil in some time just for me. So I am going to chat with my husband and the babysitter and make sure I take care of myself. This will also help me enjoy the moments more with them.

OK, that is it for now. I wish you all a fantastic summer filled with laughter, awesome memories, and experiences. Feel free to check in on me and make sure I am staying true to what I said I would do.


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  1. I think these are 3 key items that moms need to remember. Making sure you make the time and allowing yourself to enjoy it without letting those worries creep up are intregal to helping the kids have a good time, too. And having me-time gives us a chance to recharge and remain focused when we need to be. Even though we think our children are oblivious to our stress, they do know the difference between “Relaxed Mom” and “Stressed Mom”.

    Letting yourself have fun will make for great memories that you and the kids can look back on.

    Thanks so much for joining the hop!! Great post!

  2. I think you’ve set some great goals! I know what you mean about Summer feeling delayed. I’m so ready to get outside and enjoy playing with my daughter, if only the weather would cooperate!

    Look forward to reading how your summer shakes out! I’m sure it will be a memorable one with these goals in mind. :)

  3. Great advice. My kiddos got out on Friday too. Yesterday was a good day, except I think they were a little tired from the weekend (with their dad). Oh well, they’ve got all summer long to rest :)

    I’m planning to let them help me organize, clean and garden. And we will plan some outings too, but working around a toddler schedule we can’t be out all day long.

  4. I am with you on this. Since my oldest went back to a brick and mortar highschool this year, I have been longing for summer and carefree days. I have decided to stop any contract work I do for the summer. Still leaves me to work my sites but it is a lot less.

  5. I have so much trouble with the lighten up aspects – I freak out when there isn’t a routine. Now we’ll be spending much of the summer in a kind of camping situation back in Australia, with little cash and no real plans. That’s gonna be … interesting. ;) I’m going to try and remember to lighten up!

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