Change manifesto~

How many of you like change? You enjoy the process of transformation and change? How many of you avoid change at all cost? The thought of change in your life frightens you? I am not necessarily someone who seeks out change, however when change is brought into my life, I have a peace knowing there is a reason for it. I always know that change will bring growth into my life, one way or another, and that I will be more evolved because of it.The last major change in my life was probably when we moved into a new neighborhood. With all the excitement came fear of having to meet new people and form new friendships. While it would have been easy to just stay to myself and continue with my life, I moved through this transition period pushing my comfort zone. I got to know people, invited families over for dinner, got involved with the neighborhood social committee, had my kids join the swim team and much more. I became emotionally vulnerable and began nurturing new friendships. Now two years later, we are completely happy in the neighborhood and have formed some amazingly close-knit friendships. That was a choice and one I chose. Through change in your life, remember you always have a choice on how you will navigate change. You can have the faith and belief in yourself that you will always be OK, or you can give in to the fear and allow change to get the best of you. This week I want you to think about how you survive changes in your life and how you constantly open yourself up to possibilities of growth and increased adaptability.

1. How strong is your change muscle?

Take a look at your change muscle? How strong do you think it is? Can you rely on it to get you through change? Or is it fairly weak and unreliable? What can you do to strengthen this muscle? Stay physically healthy and fit. Eat well. Maintain optimism and hope. Believe in yourself and the ability to change. Make firm decisions and remain clear and focused.


2. Avoid ways of weakening your change muscle

Don’t get overwhelmed by feelings of fear, blame, doubt or guilt. Try not to criticize yourself or remain closed minded. Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t ignore your intuition. Don’t isolate yourself from your higher self. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when navigating change.


3. Grieve a loss

In any periods of change, there will be an element of loss. Maybe through a divorce you lose the comfort of a relationship. Possibly during a career change, you grieve the loss of an old network of friends. Just because there is a period of loss, does not mean there is not light and joy right around the corner. Part of navigating change is having faith that something just as wonderful or more wonderful is in store for you. Good luck and remember you are much stronger and more resilient than you think.

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