Ease the back to school blues~

School is right around the corner and it is possible to ease the transition for
everyone involved. I remember when my son  started kindergarten and all his anxiety and nervousness rolled over to how I was feeling. For some children it is their first experience, for others it is a transition to bigger schools. Whatever the situation, as a parent you want to do whatever you can to make it easier for them.  The summer has been a time for lazy days, lemonade stands and daily trips to the pool. It’s been about staying up later than usual and sleeping in till your internal clock wakes you up. Unfortunately that is all about to come to an abrupt stop until next summer rolls around. Instead of waiting till the last minute to drastically rock your kids boat, slowly ease into it. By taking small steps now, you will ultimately ease the pain and frustration later on. We can’t expect our children to transition from little structure to complete structure on their own. We need to help them out and get their bodies prepared for a different schedule all together. They will be ready and excited for school to start, slowly leaving the lazy days of summer behind.
1. Adjust to new routine
    Ease into the new schedule. Adjusting to more structured time is a huge
adjustment on the whole family. So, start now moving the bedtime back to an
earlier time. Get the kids used to getting up and going earlier in the morning.
Preparing a little at a time will create less struggles later on.
2. Open the lines of communication
    This is a great time to start alleviating the stress and anxiety of starting school. For younger kids reading books is a great tool. For older children, just talking with them, asking questions will let them know you are tuned in and available.
3. Out with the old
    Start now going through your kids wardrobes and weeding out everything
they’ve outgrown. Take advantage of some summer sales and stock up on the
fall basics. This will help them get dressed faster in the morning, not having to
skim through outfits that don’t fit anymore.

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