Finding happiness in stressful times~


With everything feeling uncertain right now, anxiety is at an all time high. There is a lot of stress and heightened emotions out there, and it can have an impact on your level of happiness. Something I believe and know for sure, is that there will always be things in your life that are out of your control, things that can either zap your energy or open your eyes. The economy, natural disasters, ignorant people, are things that are not within your control. Because of this, it is not in your best interest to stress about them or give them power. If you do, you will feel powerless and “stuck” in certain areas of your life. What you do have control over is your level of happiness and what you focus on in your life. I am not saying it is not scary, nor do you need to ignore what is going on, it is just a matter of how much energy and time you devote to stressing about it. I have always been one to look at the larger picture in life. I try not to fret about things that I can’t change or control, it just zaps my energy and lowers my joy level. When I am feeling nervous or anxious with everything going on in the world, I shift my perspective and focus. This week I want you to focus on what you do have control over, and I want you to find the happiness factor and joy when you may least feel like it.
1. Take a break and take a breath
     When you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, it is very easy to get re-focused on what matters. Take a break from what you are doing or what you are thinking about. Shift your awareness and think of something that puts a smile on your face. Walk away and take some deep breaths. Something so basic can really shift your mood.
2. Express gratitude
    I know I have expressed this many times before, but the easiest way to feel joy and happiness is to focus on gratitude. No matter what is going on around you, there is always something to feel grateful for. Make it a regular ritual to write down what you are grateful for in your life. It can be a morning ritual to start your day or an evening ritual to bring closure to the day. Write down 3 things right now~
3. Give to others
     A technique I use with clients all the time is to focus on others when you are down or insecure. Taking the focus off yourself and what is lacking in your life, and redirecting it to someone else in need, is a much better and constructive use of your energy. It is an automatic mood lifter when you are helping others. It feels great and it shifts your focus to something more positive.

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