3 Tips for instant calm~

With our busy schedules, our constant juggling of everything, errands, managing the household and a few other crucial responsibilities, it’s no wonder we feel a heightened sense of stress. I know my body feels it regularly, as to the wake up call around 4:45am or so when my mind starts chattering all the things I have on my plate. All of this tension and stress can accumulate and create health problems. It is really important to structure in time to relax and rest so that you can keep the stress hormones at bay when the craziness of life takes over. I do believe with all of my heart that relaxation is simply like a protective coat of armor against everything negative that comes at you. It will shelter you when you need it most. Sometimes, however, we are unaware that stress is building up until it is too late. You need to be tuned in to your body and know when you are feeling a bit out of sorts. Maybe you aren’t sleeping very deeply. Or you seem to get headache after headache. Possibly you are feeling really sluggish and run down. Just be aware of how you typically feel and then take the necessary steps when you need to lower your stress levels. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Deep breaths
     Something you should get in the habit of doing regularly is taking deep breaths. Deep breathing helps calm your nervous system and will give you a chance to slow down and refocus. When you are starting to feel frazzled, take a 5 minute break and take 10 deep breaths. Breathing deeply is great to do before you hit the stress button. Do this regularly and I guarantee you will feel better all together.
2. Start moving
     I know you all hear this all the time, but get moving! Working out helps balance your stress hormones. Sign up for a kickboxing class. Go for a morning walk. Take that Yoga class you have been eyeing. Do not use the excuse that you don’t have time, because it is simply a matter of priorities. Exercise will buffer the stress and give you more energy to move through it.
3. Get out
     When I get stressed or overworked, I know that simply getting out of the office or situation will instantly improve my mood and relieve some of the stress. Get some fresh air. Surround yourself by nature and let your mind relax a little. Just the change in scenery, coupled with the calm sounds and sights, will get rid of the stress hormones flooding your body. Know when your stress is starting to spike it is time to walk away, even if just for 15 minutes or so.
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