What is the deal with Happiness??

OK, so I had an amazing guest on my Mom TV show yesterday that I wanted to share with you all. It was best-selling Author Caroline Miller, who wrote Creating your Best Life. She is a Life Coach like myself, a speaker like myself, an Author and Harvard Graduate. She is also a Mom and extremely insightful when it comes to happiness and success. We chatted about Mom’s and happiness, over committing themselves at times, giving to everyone else first and so much more. It was a very positive and engaging show. Personally, I told Caroline that I felt technology had had an impact on my level of happiness over the years. I feel disengaged, not as mindful and zapped energy wise. I think technology is great, trust me I am in LOVE with my phone, but I also think a constant stream of activity, via Twitter, Facebook, texting and more can really keep you away from truly living your life at times. I think as long as we are aware of how we spend our time, and we check in with ourselves every day, then we won’t get sucked into the techno world. Something Caroline suggested, which I love, is to ask yourself every day “What are 3 blessings that happened to me today and why did they happen to me?” This is a great conversation to do with your family. It keeps you focused on gratitude, but more importantly it helps you own why it happened to you. That way you can do more of those behaviors and get more similar blessings.

We also chatted about happiness boosters that we should all do every day. One of them was journaling. She even said that blogging is a better form of journaling because you get instant feedback. Yea! Another booster was to express gratitude everyday. I totally agree with this one. The more you focus on gratitude, the more things you attract into your life to be grateful for! For example, I am VERY grateful for the opportunity to go to Maui for my 15 year Anniversary. Huge amount of gratitude!! You can also WIN a mini getaway in Maui…..check it out here. A ‘no surprise’ happiness booster is to get some physical exercise into your life. Obviously we all know that exercise creates endorphins and just makes us feel better, but it’s a matter of doing it. I finally got back into swimming, which I love because of the peace of mind it brings me and the calmness. Another tip we chatted about was savoring happy memories. She said the happiest people constantly replay happy memories in their head. Good advice!!
You can go to Authentic Happiness and take some FREE questionnaires that are extremely insightful. You can determine your strengths and determine how happy you really are and much more. I definitely suggest checking it out. Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience and pass it on. How happy are you? Do you need a jolt of happiness in your life?

Have a fantastic day everyone!!

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