My sons hair is driving me crazy!

OK….I know this is a totally trivial post, but I have to write it. I am hoping you will all leave some insightful comments to get me refocused:) So, of course I am a bit prejudiced, but I think my son is a pretty good looking little guy. For the ripe old age of 11 of course:) He has gorgeous thick curly dark brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. Of course ever since he was young I would keep his hair cut short so it doesn’t look completely out of control. For all of you with curly hair, you know what I mean. However, in the past year he had gotten a mind of his own and he likes keeping his hair a bit on the long side. I decided months ago to honor his decision and let him relish some independence. OMG!!! Now I swear he spends more time on his hair then my entire family put together. I would post a picture of him here, but I will be fair to not totally embarass him:) His curls on the side are crazy and he wears his bangs straight. Of course he gets comments wherever he goes that he has “awesome” hair and this isn’t helping my case to get it cut. And…he just found out this adorable girl has a crush on him, so of course now he totally believes it’s all about the hair. I think it looks ridiculous, but I know the more I hound him, the more he is going to fight back. What should I do???

Of course I know what I should do, but it’s so hard! Let him be him, make his own decisions, do what makes him feel confident (which is keep the crazy hair) and focus on what really matters. Right??

Would LOVE your advice and support~

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  1. I guess my advice is to just be thankful you don’t have to wrangle it into a professional ballet bun every week, and call that it! ;) Seriously, though…I know the smallest battles often loom large. Unless it’s causing a problem with the school dress-code, just breathe and let it go. :)

  2. Mine has longish blonde hair with the whole bangs in your face thing and his dad HATES it. It doen’t help that we are from the south and grown men think anything past your collar makes you look like a hippie. I love it and since I am the one who makes the hair cut appointments and drags the kids to them, I guess I am letting my son have the final say, the final long hair say…

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