Save money on things I already buy??

Happy Thursday everyone!! Most of you know that I am a Lifestyle and Simplicity expert and I host a web show on Mom TV every week.  My passion is offering practical advice and tips on improving your life, creating more balance, boosting your health and simplifying the chaos of your life. I met this amazing woman a month or so ago that chatted with me about a program she works for called I took a peak at it and really liked what I saw. Who doesn’t want to earn cash back on items that would buy anyway? I know the stores I primarily shop at, like Target, Avon, Old Navy, King Soopers and more. Here are some of my favorites for you to take a glimpse at:

King Soopers — Save! Find grocery coupons for King Soopers here!

Target Coupons

Children’s Place Coupons

I am still navigating the site, but I think it is a fabulous idea that you can earn money back on items you are already going to buy! After you hit $20, they will send you money. Awesome!!

In order to get the cash back, you need to register at (FREE) and have fun!

Here is a coupon for a FREE Margarita to get you started!!

I think sharing information with other women on how to get the most out of their time and money is something that makes me feel good. Bookmark their site and share with your friends and family. Have a fabulous Thursday everyone!

Quick question….what is something that put a smile on your face today?

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