Anxiety blasters~

Many of us have worries, many worries, but the problem isn’t having all of these worries, it is having too few strategies to deal with them. When we relinquish our power to solve our worries and problems, they start to feel overwhelming and uncontrollable. I know that when I start to worry about something, especially something out of my control, I stop myself from spiraling downward. I focus and visualize the best case outcome and try my best to begin creatively thinking of ways to turn the worry around. It empowers me and gets me away from the victim mentality. I think procrastination can also create a lot of unnecessary anxiety. When you procrastinate on an important project or deadline, you only increase your stress and feelings of overwhelm. Create mini tasks far in advance and by the time the project is due you will breeze through it. I also believe in giving myself pep talks when I begin worrying about something. It is very easy to focus on negativity when you are consumed with worry, but that will only lead to more anxiety. Nurturing and supportive self talk will do wonders! This week try focusing on some of the tips below and see if you can’t zap some of your worry away.

  Put your worries on paper

Get out a sheet of paper and divide it into 3 columns. In the first column write all of your current worries. Don’t worry about how big or little they are, just jot them down. In the second column write down the worst thing that could happen if your worry comes true. In the third column write down 3 or 4 strategies for dealing with the “worst” and then circle the one that you think you can handle and get to it!

Laugh a little

I know this is the last thing you feel like doing when you are worrying about something, but laughter really is a cure. Buy a movie that always cracks you up. Write down some memories that always put a smile on your face. Find a Youtube video that makes you fall over in laughter. When you are feeling anxious and down, tap into your “laughter toolbox” and smile a little. It will put things in perspective.

Keep active

Sometimes the best remedy for worry is to get up and be active. When you are moving it demands a little bit more of your focus so you aren’t only focusing on the anxiety. Put on some music and dance. Go shoot some hoops. Talk a walk or sign up for a class. Try to avoid sitting in front of the TV, this only allows you more time to sulk and think things over.

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  1. I’ve always found mindfulness exercises and exposure to be the best ways to cope with anxiety.

    Mindfulness can simply be the act of breathing deeply and rhythmically for approximately 5-10 minutes while one focuses on the tactile sensations. The effect of focusing on all five senses while properly breathing can have an incredible over all effect on the level of anxiety.

    That can be coupled with imagining oneself to be in the stressful situation, and visualizing all the different outcomes to expose oneself to what one is anxious about. The result is a rather simple behaviorist desensitization process along with a breathing exercise that both relaxes and gets the the root of the problems.

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