Have faith in the bigger picture~

How many of you believe in the saying “Everything happens for a reason?” This is probably a belief I hold closer to my heart than any other belief. Faith in this belief has gotten me through a lot of difficult life experiences. I have learned over time that stressing about things that happen to me in life, that are out of my control, do absolutely no good in the long run. Having faith that there is a larger universal purpose in the works, usually something that I can not see clearly at the time, always brings me peace of mind. It allows me to re-focus my energy on moving forward and being proactive. Take a minute to think about a time when you were disappointed in a specific outcome, either personally or professionally. How did you react? Did you stress over it and create a lot of negative energy? How did that ultimately work out for you? Did you try to take a step back and trust there was a reason for the outcome? How did that help you? Did you feel more at peace and trusting that it happened for a reason? I would love for you to try out this belief this week and see if it changes how you approach life and deal with difficult situations. Remember that you always have complete control over how you respond to life’s challenges, and your response will always create the next chapter.

Do you believe things in your life happen for a reason?

What does your gut say? Forget what anyone else believes or what you think you should believe. Do you truly believe that the universe works in a way where all of your life experiences happen for a reason? If you don’t believe this, are you open to trying out the idea for a temporary period of time?

How would things change?

Let’s say for example that you did not get hired for that position you were hoping to get. If you had faith that things happened for a reason, how would this help you cope with the disappointment? Would you have peace of mind that something better was in the works? Would you get right back on track with networking and pursuing your interests because you know it is going to happen at the right time with the right company?

Maintain a positive attitude     

I know how difficult it is to be positive when something doesn’t go your way. I believe in having pity parties, which are short lived, but then I always advise getting back on track. Your attitude and the way you see the world truly changes your life experiences. You will attract more positivity when you are positive and more negativity when you are negative. Simple as that. Try to see the cup as half full even when you feel like burying your head in the sand.

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