Is 40 the new 30??

So many of you know that I just turned 40 a couple of weeks ago. Yes…total shock you say…I look early 30s right:) So I decided to post a video on Momversation on my thoughts on the whole 40 year old vs 30 year old beliefs. I really do think that women in their forties are sexier, more confident and daring then ever before. They are starting new careers. Some are just now starting to have babies. They are finally coming into their own with their bodies and their confidence. I was trying to navigate everything in my thirties, figuring out the parenting chaos, my marriage roles, my place as a business woman and more. I think my forties are going to be really exciting and fun! I just think we have a different outlook on life, realize what is most important and shoo shoo away everything else:) I would LOVE to know what you think! I will be picking someone who leaves a comment on the Momversation comment box to win a copy of my book Life Simplified. Something you have ALWAYS wanted, right? :)

Do you think 40 is the new 30??

2 Responses to Is 40 the new 30??

  1. I think 40 is…still a baby. I’m …60 but don’t tell anyone. When I was 40 I LOVED it! It was the best time of my life. Until now. Now is the best time of my life. Unfortunately, I don’t have the energy I did at 40 – and the world looks at me differently. 60 may be the ‘new’ 40 where 40 was the new 30 but… only to those of us who actually ARE 60. LOL

    Enjoy your life regardless of the number time puts on you. YOu are not 40 or 30 or any other number. You are you. You are what you want to be. I know women in their forties who are doing exactly what you describe – and while sometimes it can be overwhelming, these women are embracing their right to BE whatever they choose – in a world that still wants to stifle them.

    Your post reminded me that my age is not a determiner of who I am, either. I will indulge in my life previous experiences and look forward to new ones – allowing each passing day to remind me that the numbers may add up but it’s my choice to ignore them and embrace what life is bringing me – happiness, new experiences in my personal and work life, and a lot of new friends.


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