Today I get spoiled~

     I have been looking forward to today for a while:) I purchased a Groupon months ago and this was the first availability for my manicure and pedicure. Not only do I get to pamper myself, but I am meeting some girlfriends for lunch right after. A couple hours of total bliss and relaxation~ People are working harder and harder every day-trying to cram more and more in-but it is so important to squeeze in some r&r every week if possible. I used to feel so guilty when I did something for myself, whether it be a massage or a lunch date or even running to the gym for a quick work-out. This was of course when my kids were younger and the mom guilt comes with the territory:) I learned over the years that taking time for myself made me happier and better equipped to deal with the daily stressors. And my husband was amazing at pushing me to take time for myself every now and then~ I am sure he witnessed the amazing transformation when I wasn’t as stressed or grumpy, so of course he was supportive:)

I still talk with girlfriends who don’t make time for themselves or feel guilty about it. What do you think? Personally, I think it is a necessity, not a luxury. You don’t have to spend any money in order to nurture yourself either. You can take a walk with a girlfriend, or make a cup of coffee and read a trashy novel, or listen to music while taking a hot bath….the list goes on and on! I would love to hear what you all think and if you carve out time every day to do something kind for yourself. In the mean time, I am getting my work done early this morning so I can enjoy the indulgence in store for me and not even think about work or what I have to get done. Off I go…..have a fantastic day everyone!

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