Hole in my heart~

Yesterday was a really difficult day for me and my family. My daughter Morganne, who is only eight years old, lost a friend and classmate to cancer. This beautiful girl got diagnosed back in kindergarten and battled for three long years. There are so many emotions running through me right now. This family, beautiful, kind, sincere and genuine, has been through an emotional roller-coaster for the past three years. To witness the mom and all she went through just breaks my heart. Nobody should lose a child and I am a total loss as to how to feel and what to do for the family. We all knew this day was coming, but when it actually comes it takes the wind out of you. I cried in the car while waiting for my kids to come out of school. Just watching my healthy kids run out of school and up to the car is a complete blessing.

We all get so caught up in life and the insignificance of most things that we don’t realize how blessed we really are. This family would give their life and everything else possible to have the experience of watching their daughter run out of school. I am not sure how this mom woke up every day for the past three years knowing it might be her daughter’s last. It literally breaks my heart into little pieces. Today I am kind of just reflecting on what just happened and trying to brainstorm how I can support the family in the upcoming year. I know they are surrounded by good friends right now and I don’t want to intrude. I think as the months go on however is when she will need the most support.

I would love your thoughts, comments and positive energy if you can send anything my way. Have you been through something similar? Do you have ideas on meaningful ways to show my love for the family? I just keep thinking how numb the family must feel right now. Their family just went from a family of 6 to a family of 5. It is hard to process. I just needed to write and share in hopes that everyone who reads this will hug their kids a little tighter today, will take a minute to be grateful for everything you have and to maybe send some positive energy to those who need it. Thanks everyone~

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  1. This story breaks my heart – no one should lose their child at such a young age. I think one of the tough parts about suffering a lose is the isolation you feel afterwards. People don’t often know what to say but I think being honest and saying “I can’t imagine how you feel right now but I feel so sad for you” is a good start. I also heard from a friend who went through breast cancer that a friend of hers left little goodie bags on her front porch every week. Small things like some lotion, chocolate or tea. It really made her feel good and was a reminder that her friend was still thinking about her and wishing her well.

  2. Whenever I get down about life and the stresses we are going through, I always remind myself that my kids are healthy and we are healthy – things could be a lot worse. I can’t imagine if my “It could always be worse” reminder was my reality.

    I can’t imagine losing your child. My heart breaks.

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