Summer comfort with Fresh Produce~

I don’t know about you, but no matter what the temperature, I am always a bit on the chilly side. Especially in the spring and summer when you enjoy dinner on the patio, and the sun goes down, I am always looking for a light cover up.  I was excited to come up Fresh Produce and take a peek at some of their cardigans and long sleeve t shirts. My husband always makes fun of me for being cold, and he gives me grief when I grab his sweatshirts and comfy jackets.   So now I have this super comfy cardigan that I can put on when we entertain into the evening hours.

Something I am very big on is comfort and ease. I love how comfortable and casual the Fresh Produce clothing line is. My husband and I and the kids love to entertain, especially in the summer, so I am excited to grab a couple of essentials on their website.  What are your favorite summer essentials? Living here in Colorado, it can snow in June or be one hundred degrees and hot. So you always have to be prepared:) I used to always put my winter clothes away for the summer, but then I would have to go find them and get out a couple of sweaters, some jeans and long sleeve shirts. Now it just all stays in my master closet through the year.

Hop over to Fresh Produce and pick yourself something up for the upcoming season. Have a fabulous summer everyone!

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