Teenage years here I come!

I can’t believe my son just turned 12 years old! Where has time gone? I know everyone says that time just flies by with kids, but I am now fully experiencing it. Just telling people that I have a teenage son makes me feel super old! It is absolutely amazing watching your kids grow and evolve into mini adults, but it is also emotionally challenging on every level. I see my son and his innocence at times and then other days I see him as a miniature 18 year old, attitude and all:) I am not sure how to mentally prepare for teenage years ahead. You want to give them their freedom and independence, but you always want to hold on to some control and guidance. Where do you draw the line? How do you guide them without them knowing it? He always tells me “Mom you just don’t understand….”. I forget how it feels to be in a 12 year old body, insecurity and all. I look at him though, handsome, extremely athletic, lots of friends, smart and compassionate and wonder how on earth he can be insecure with all of those traits. As he prepares for middle school, I have to put my anxiety on the side burner and trust that he will be just fine. I know it’s all part of growing up, even though I’d love to keep him safe and sheltered his whole life:) We have a couple of weeks to prepare and get ready for this new transition and I swear I am probably more nervous, excited and anxious than he is. Another year, another chapter in his book of life, another opportunity for growth and new things. Wish me (and Cameron of course) luck and a dose of patience!!

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  1. yep! right there with you. Rose turned 12 yesterday and she’s been at camp for two weeks. whenever my girls return from camp, every year it seems like they’re different people. it’s amazing. and then we just potty trained oscar…oh my gosh!!! it’s all getting so weird!!

  2. Yep, I have a 10 year old going on 19 – that strange combination of childhood innocence and curiosity paired with snarky attitude. Fun to watch and difficult to parent at the same time. Hard to know when you be completely open with them and treat them like mini adults and when to shelter them and treat them like children.

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