Cozy rainy days~

I absolutely love rainy days every now and then! Today feels like the first official day of Fall and I am soaking it up (literally!!). We get to put on our new Fall clothes and drink coffee and enjoy the sound of pitter patter. Living in Denver is great because you get to really enjoy all four seasons. My daughter has been asking for weeks when the weather will be cooler so she can wear some of her new clothes. Every single day I tell her it is going to be hot and sunny, but today she was in for a pleasant surprise. She literally ran to her closet and grabbed a new shirt she has been dying to wear. If only life was so simple and uncomplicated where as adults we could enjoy the pure joy of a new outfit and no worries or stress associated with it:)

So what is on my agenda today?? I am going to make a hot cup of tea, put on some relaxing music and sit at my desk and finish a pile of work I have been procrastinating on. I don’t have the excuse today to enjoy the outdoors and get out of the house when I need a break. I am even more excited because my daughter’s soccer practice will be canceled and we can actually enjoy a night as a family without any sports or extracurricular activities. This is not common in my home~

So, for those of you who are also enjoying a rainy day, take a minute to relax and set the mood for a productive day indoors. Put on some music. Light a candle. Enjoy a hot cup of something (even a Hot Toddy if you are daring:)) and cross off your to-do list items.

Make it a great one everyone!!

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