Colorado sadness & not understanding the “why”

I feel like my stomach is in knots and it’s not getting better. There is absolutely nothing worse than hearing about a missing child. This child could be any of ours, our nephew, our niece, our best friends child or more. It makes no sense and the more I try to understand any part of it, I just get a stomach ache again. This beautiful and vibrant girl Jessica walked to school one morning, assuming it was her “safe zone” and never made it. I think of my own kids, who are begging for my freedom every day, and I am torn as to what to do. How do we allow our children to just be children, yet protect them and safe guard them from any bad people or situations? How do you draw that line? It seems that every time I offer more independence, I hear about a heart wrenching story that forces me to take two steps back again.

I feel like there is an unknown place that we all go to as parents, with no How-To Book with tips on how to deal with every situation that life will throw you. How to protect your kids yet let them be free to explore the world? How to talk with your kids about the evils of the world without totally frightening them? How to let your kids live their lives without shadowing their every move? Because now the Internet and predators on-line is a whole other worry!

I just needed to share my thoughts and worries a little bit with all of you. Right now my heart goes completely to the family of Jessica Ridgeway and I pray that they feel the love from around the world sheltering and embracing them. I will kiss my kids everyday and hug them a bit tighter when they go off on their own. I will always talk with them about how to listen to their gut when they are in unknown situations. I will focus on gratitude and blessings in my own life. And I refuse to allow monsters in the world to keep me in fear and sheltered from living a life full of hope and wonder. Thanks for listening everyone…

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