Colorado first snow!






I woke up to snow this morning! I have to say that I LOVE the first time it snows in Colorado. It is beautiful, white and it totally puts me in the mood for the upcoming holidays. My daughter and I got out all of the Halloween decorations yesterday, lit a fire and had fun putting everything up. It makes the home look festive and comfy. As much as I LOVE the snow, what I don’t love is cheering them on at soccer games when it is freezing and wet outside. And of course my daughter has a soccer tournament all week-end this week-end:) I guarantee I will be bundled up like it is fifty below!

I know it is only October, but with the snow and colder weather, it feels like the holidays are right around the corner. Something I am going to start doing now is shopping a little here and there for the kids holiday gifts. I know it seems CRAZY EARLY, but when everyone else is stressed to the max in December, I’m relaxing and enjoying the time of year knowing that all the gifts are already shopped for. I love it. I literally just pick a couple small gifts every week and not only do I not freak out that tons of money is going out all at once, because I spread it out over three months, but it makes everything calmer and less frenzied.

Just my tip for the day:)

Have a great Friday everyone!!


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  1. Such a great blog, Leslie! It also reminded me that it’s perfectly ok to start shopping now to help relieve the craziness of the season that can put me into a foul mood. Thank you!

    • Kathy I swear it makes my holidays so much more enjoyable every year! Everyone else is shopping with a million stressed out people at the mall and I am done:)

  2. I vow every year to be an early enough shopper so I don’t have to be a stressed shopper in late December. Each year I get a little bit closer to my dream of enjoying the festivities without the stress. I bought my first Christmas haul two weeks ago! Yay.

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