Fun Stocking Stuffer ideas!!

I know you might not believe this (being that it is still October:)) but I have already started buying little gifts for the holidays. I am a BIG believer in starting early so that I can actually enjoy the holidays and not surround myself by all the crazy, stressed out shoppers! So, I thought I’d give you all a little help to get started yourself. Here are some ideas for stocking stuffers ( courtesy of Jenna Blogs) that will make it a bit easier to fill those stockings:)

1. $5 gift cards (Starbucks, McDonalds, Amazon, Borders etc).
2. A favorite candy (my mom always got us those plastic candy canes filled with M&M’s)
3. Decorative cupcake liners
4. A favorite magazine
5. Camera strap cover
6. Packets of flower or herb seeds for planting
7. Personalized stationary
8. Slipper socks
9. Silly putty (another thing I always got as a kid)
10. Cookie cutters
11. Monogrammed iPhone Case
12. Nail polishes
13. Sharpie Pens
14. Chapstick
15. Hair bands
16. Small crosswords puzzle book
17. Crayons
18. Body wash
19. Piggy Bank with coins
20. Personalized M&M’s that say Merry Christmas
21. Clip on book reading lamp
22. Ticket for a movie
23. Cute wine stopper
24. Scarf
25. Stickers
26. Monogrammed coasters
27. Lottery tickets
28. Deck of playing cards
29. Rubix cube
30. Loofa
31. Hair clips
32. Cuticle set
33. Jewelry
34. Batteries
35. Cooking extracts – vanilla, mint, orange etc.
36. Mittens
37. Scented candles
39. Small travel games
40. Packets of gum
41. Lotion
42. Play Dough
43. Golf tees or balls
44. Matchbox cars
45. Memory card
46. Itunes gift card
47. Tools
48. Wash/Dish rags
49. Orange
50. Specialty olive oils

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