Copper Mountain food and more food!


My kids and I were very excited to head up to Copper Mountain and explore all their dining and yummy restaurants for a couple of days! Being that the snow wasn’t quite there yet, we were ready to enjoy the town and experience the food Copper has to offer. As a Mom, I am always looking for restaurants that cater to families and offer high quality food and warm and engaging staff. We found a lot of this at Copper! When we first got settled in at our condo, we walked around a bit and went to Pizza Carlo for dinner. We heard they had the most delicious pizza. I ordered the minestrone soup and salad and the kids each got a slice of cheese pizza. The chef also sent out some cheesy bread which the kids devoured!  They loved the pizza and were even more excited to hear about the pizza making class they offer kids.

The next morning we walked ( no, more like rushed) to the Sugar Lips mini donuts hut. Need I say more? These were honestly the MOST DELICIOUS, warm, cute donuts we’ve ever had! You have got to take your kids to Sugar Lips when you go to Copper. You can get such yummy donuts as the smores, or the chocolate sauce and sprinkles or powdered sugar. My kids were in heaven. They made me promise we would go again before we left Copper. About an hour later, we went to Alpinista for some eggs and toast. The atmosphere was warm and cozy and the breakfast was delicious. The manager chatted with us and told us we needed to come back and try their famous fondue for dinner. What a perfect way to end a ski day! We already had dinner plans, so we will definitely try Alpinista next time we stay up there.

After some shopping and walking, my kids were hungry for a little snack. We headed over to Incline, which is right at the base of the ski hill, and ordered some honey barbecue chicken wings and truffle oil and sea salt chips. My son was in heaven!! He literally ate the entire plate of wings and said they were the BEST he has ever had. Quite the compliment:) My daughter and I split the chips, which were warm and delicious! This is the perfect place to bring your family for a quick snack or a full meal. It is so conveniently located and the menu has plenty of variety.

For our last meal of the trip, we headed over to Endo’s for dinner. This restaurant is also located right at the base of the slopes, so it is perfect after a day of skiing or walking around the village. There are lots of tables and seating, which is great when you pop over last minute, and our waitress was super nice and engaging with the kids. My son ordered the steak which he was looking forward to all day. It was grilled exactly like he likes it and he couldn’t have been happier. My daughter ordered the mini corn dogs ( which our waitress highly recommended) and thought they were delicious. I had one of the best salads I have ever had! It was an Asian chicken salad with sobe noodles and a ginger dressing and peppers. I will definitely come back again next time we are visiting!

Next time you visit Copper, make sure to check out these restaurants and try some of the dishes I mentioned above. We can’t wait to go back during ski season and work up an appetite!

Feel free to leave some comments if you’ve tried the restaurants above or have another great recommendation!

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