Sadness and healing from Newtown,CT

It is difficult not to feel a mix of emotions when others are facing tragedy and unknown. The situation in Newtown,CT can bring a variety of emotions to the surface; helplessness, despair, sadness, or the desire to be grateful for your own life and lending a helping hand. When bad things happen to others it is important to embrace all that you feel. After this you are in a better place emotionally to choose a course of action. You can reach out to others or keep the focus at home and being grateful for everything you DO have. You can simply focus your gratitude by showing those you care for how much you care and how blessed you feel to have them in your life. This way you have created some good in the act of a tragedy. Keep in mind that even the most simple of acts can truly make a difference in someone else’s life. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, so focus on today and living in the moment.

What can you offer?
There is always something you can do when helping others in need. Remember it doesn’t need to be a grand act, if everyone did something then big changes could be created. What do you have to offer? A prayer circle? Some letters of love and support? Spend some time this week deciding if and what you can do to make a difference.

Be grateful
When any form of tragedy or heartbreak occurs to others, you cannot help but feel grateful for everything you do have in your life. Create some good from the situation. This week write down all you are grateful for. Keep this list handy so you can glance at it often. Tell those in your life how much you care for them, don’t wait for something to happen. Hug a friend. Thank a teacher. Being grateful keeps you grounded on what truly matters in your life.

Seek resources
If the tragedy in Connecticut truly affected you emotionally seek out some support. Rely on your friends and family to discuss what you are going through. Tapping into your support team is crucial when needing extra support and understanding. This week talk about your feelings and fears, just the act of expressing yourself will bring about some healing and comfort.

As a parent of two young children my heart literally bled last week. I think part of me died with the families and community in Newtown. It is impossible to make sense or even conceptualize what happened. All I can do right in this moment is send love their way and hug my kids even tighter. I pray that our nation will take the action needed to prevent these unthinkable tragedies from happening anymore. Enough is enough.

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