Toys, toys and more toys!!

My family loves to play games! During Hanukkah we carved out several nights to stay in, turn on the fireplace, listen to some music and try out some new fun games from ThinkFun.









One of the first games we tried out was Distractions. This was literally one of the most fun games we have ever played as a family! We were laughing hysterically! You have to try to remember a sequence of numbers while being distracted by silly and quirky questions. My kids who are 12 and 9 were loving this game! You go around in a circle and have to repeat the number sequence from before you, but if you pick a certain card you have to read and answer a silly question before you tell the number sequence. So fun!!









Another fun game we tried was Stenzzles. My daughter and I tried this game and it really makes you think outside the box! You have to be really be creative and patient with this game. You find a pattern in the booklet and then have to arrange all the different cards in a way to make it look exactly like the pattern. Hard but fun:) It’s great for adults too as it makes you tap into those brain cells that we push aside so often:)










One of my son’s favorite games from ThinkFun was Turnstile. This is a one-person game that takes your brain for a spin:) You have to make your way through mazes, starting at beginner up to advanced, and because he is super competitive, he loved the challenge!

I think all of the games we played would be great gifts for the holidays! You can wrap it for yourself, give to cousins or other family members to play or give as a gift for any child.

Speaking of gifts, Thinkfun has offered to give Stenzzles and Distraction as prizes for my special Mom TV Holiday show!! Make sure to tune in LIVE on Tuesday Dec.18th at 12pmET for a fun, prize-filled (chocolate too!!) cocktail sharing celebration! Just log on to any computer and go to Mom TV to be eligible for the prizes!!

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