Don’t sweat the small things~



How many of you feel like stress and anxiety are as much of your life as brushing your teeth, paying bills and cleaning your home? None of us can escape the daily stressors, but worrying about all the little things can wreak havoc on your health and life. It is the constant state of stress that can negatively impact your well-being and outlook on life. Do you typically stress about the big things in your life or all of the minor stressors such as running late for a meeting or paying a bill late? Every now and then you need to take inventory on how you are relating to the world around you and if you need to make any adjustments. We are all susceptible to stress, however we can always choose ways to handle the stressors and come up with solutions so they do not overwhelm us. Here are some very simple and practical tips to lower the affects of stress in your life.

Break it down

If something is really stressing you out, instead of focusing on the large problem at hand, break it down into bite size chunks. WHAT CAN YOU DO NOW? TODAY? What is one thing you can do now to tackle the stress? It is a cumulation of all the small steps that will allow you to feel in control again and in action mode. Just pick one thing and do it.

 Combat the negative thinking

It is all the negative thinking ( I will always be in debt or I will never find a job or I will always be single) that keeps you stuck and feeling hopeless. Just focus on the POSSIBILITY that things will get better. Is it possible that you can turn your passion into a career? Is it possible that going to networking meetings and reaching out to people will lead to an opportunity? Focus on this and you will feel hopeful and positive again.

Move for the sake of moving

Exercise is HUGE for dealing with stress. Just the act of moving and getting everything circulating will clear your mind and improve your mood. It is like a protective coat against stressors. The more you experience stress and the more you stay still and stagnant, the more the stress will affect you physically, mentally and emotionally. This will continue to feed itself. So get up and move when you least feel like it!

What would you say are your biggest stressors in your life?


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