Post-holiday cleanse and renewal!


The holidays are upon us which means lots of eating, lots of stress and weight gain.

Why not protect yourself this holiday season with a fun and delicious clean eating program that will keep you feeling great, boost your energy so you can deal with the stress and help you even LOSE weight instead of gain it??

Did you know?  

The body can carry around 5 to 10 pounds of toxic waste, which slows down metabolism, impairs your immune system and leaves you feeling tired and sluggish.  

During this 11-Day Program you will:

**Improve the quality of your skin

**Reduce the toxic load that leads to poor digestion, dry skin and colds to name a few

**Improve your digestion and your nutrient assimilation

**Reduce gas and bloating

** Feel more confident in your every day

**Sleep like a baby

**Uncover hidden food allergies that may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts

**Ditch the diet mentality and learn what foods are “right for your unique body”

**Reveal an internal glow as you detox your body of toxins that are wreaking havoc on you physically and emotionally.

Why is this Detox Different?

You will learn how to prepare, prep and create delicious meals that will support you to detox in a safe and natural way. Detox is not about drinking juices, only eating smoothies, or living on water. Instead, this 3-prong program is based on the elimination diet. By doing this program, you will learn what foods are beneficial to eat during the fall and how to incorporate what you have learned throughout your life.

This program is for you if you have been experiencing the following:

**Headaches **Low energy ** Indigestion  **Constipation  **Skin conditions such as acne  **Insomnia  **Eczema  **Excess weight
** Food Allergies

What is Included?

What’s Included In the Revitalize your Body Fall Detox?

▪ Your Revitalize Guide for Detox: A step-by-step guide showing you exactly how to detox in a safe and natural way.

▪  A Recipe Guide: You will have recipes that are created by a chef who understands the importance of improving digestion, decreasing inflammation and keeping you satisfied.

▪ Daily Email Support You will receive daily emails from me supporting you through this entire process.

▪ 11 Days of Suggested Meals: You will never feel deprived, hungry or confused about what to eat or when to eat.

▪  A Tool Kit: This kit has every tool you need to make your detox success last a lifetime.

▪ A Shopping List: This will make shopping super easy, which makes prepping, preparing and cooking for your detox easy.

The Results you will experience:

 Lose 3-5 pounds in a week

 Ditch the Diet mentality, kiss goodbye the cravings and the bloat

 Endless energy

 Mental clarity and not the “brain fog”

 Learn simple techniques for detoxing and eating that you can use for a lifetime

Your Investment is only: $99

Detox starts on January 2nd!

Testimonial from a recent cleanse participant “I was a complete sugar and carbohydrate addict before starting the fall detox that Leslie Gail guided me through.  I thought there is no way I would survive one day, let alone 11 days of a detox.  Not only did I survive it, but I am feeling great even weeks post detox and lost weight and kept it off.  The first day of going off of sugar and caffeine and dairy and breads and pasta and everything else you are supposed to eliminate was fine, however,  I did have a little headache.  By the second day I needed a little more protein because I was having a hungry day.  But by the third day, I was feeling great.  I did not have my intense sugar cravings, I was not having my afternoon tired feeling and I was sleeping great.  The detox has ended, but I find that even though I can go right back to having that nice plate of pasta or bowl of ice cream, I am choosing foods that are on the detox and on the transition days because I know I feel better when eating health and eliminating the white sugars/carbs from my daily diet.Overall, I would highly recommend the detox that Leslie Gail guided me through.  My husband and our 14 year old daughter who is not the best eater wanted to do this detox with me.  All 3 of us felt so much better eating healthier and eliminating the unhealthy foods from our diet.  My 14 year old daughter ( who like me was a total carb and sugar addict) asked me if I can continue cooking the way I have been on the detox because she feels better eating that way).

 Thank you to Leslie Gail for making such a HUGE difference in my life, my daughter’s life and my husband’s life!!” Dana, Denver

Sign up TODAY and you will be giving yourself a gift of great health this holiday season!!

As soon as payment is received you will receive all of the handouts via email. You will then begin receiving daily emails on Thursday January 2nd and the actual cleanse will begin Monday January 6th.

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