New Year, New You!

New Year, New You!

New Year, New You Group Program

Are you FINALLY ready to create the BEST VERSION OF YOU?? Do you want 2014 to be the year of re-inventing yourself? This New Year New You program is just what you are looking for!

Join an intimate group of individuals who will support you, challenge you, hold you accountable and transform right alongside you! Stop making excuses that keep you ‘stuck’ and unable to feel your absolute best.

What this group will include:

  • Healthy resources and recommendations to shed excess weight for good
  • Tips on decreasing stress in your life
  • Resources to improve the quality of your life while focusing on self-care
  • FREE recipes and handouts on health, nutrition, superfoods and more
  • Goal setting for 2014

When: Every other Wednesday evening 6:30-7:30pm in DTC area (Belleview and I-25) Starting January 8th

For those of you who live outside of Colorado, I will be hosting a teleconference call.

Cost: ONLY $99/mo  $199/mo

These groups is reserved for ONLY 5 people, so sign up right away or lose this opportunity to finally create the body and mind of your dreams! All registered participants will receive a FREE 2014 Tools4Wisdom Planner and Organizer!

Contact Leslie asap to reserve your spot! This is your opportunity to shed all of the layers in your life that no longer serve you! Physical weight, emotional clutter, toxic relationships and more.

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