Are you happy?

When was the last time you really belly laughed? It is so easy to get so consumed with work, family, responsibilities and never ending tasks that we forget to really enjoy the beauty of our lives. I see people everyday who walk around so serious, going from activity to activity and it makes me sad. I don’t think that is why we are here on earth. I truly believe we are here to evolve, grow as beings, love a lot and create memorable experiences. If you are walking around like a guinea pig on a treadmill, going nowhere, that is no way to live. What would put a smile on your face? What brings you pure joy? For me it is music, dancing with no abandon, hanging out with my family, being in the mountains, and doing the work I love. I keep it pretty simple. Oh yeah, and chocolate:)

Why not get out a pen and journal right now and jot down what makes you happy. Create your HAPPY LIST and make a point of carving out time for these activities every week. I guarantee it is never going to be the PERFECT time or you are never going to be in the PERFECT situation to commit to your own happiness. Do it NOW.

What makes you happy?? I would love to read your comments below and it would be great to share with others so everyone can get inspired and excited.

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