6 month Health and Lifestyle Intensive


Are you tired of struggling every day??

Are you interested in reversing the aging process? Would you LOVE to prevent chronic disease or illnesses in the near or far future?
Would more time in your life be a far fetched dream?
What about an abundance of energy to do what you love??

Sign up for Leslie’s intensive health and lifestyle program if you are finally ready to transform your life for good!! Here is a sneak peak on what you will cover:

  • Importance of greens and how they will boost your energy, prevent chronic illness, clear your skin and much more!
  • Tips on healthy eating and healthy fats
  • Protein sources and how it affects cravings
  • Curb cravings once and for all!
  • Importance of relationships and nurturing your self
  • Intuition and digestion?
  • Relationship between food and your mood
  • What is your body type? Could be the answer to all of your health issues!
  • How do you eat healthy on the go?
  • Pursue a career you love!
  • FREE recipes and resources
  • FREE email support
  • FREE elimination cleanse to clean your system and lower chronic inflammation

If this sounds like what you NEED, don’t waste another minute of being exhausted, overwhelmed, hopeless and overweight. Leslie will solve your problems by offering insight, expertise, support, guidance and proven techniques. Reach out to Leslie today to get more information on the fee structure and program outline.

“Leslie’s program totally gave me my life back! Before working with Leslie I was a workaholic, eating junk food on the go, drinking Starbucks by the gallon to give me energy, sleeping on 5-6 hours a night, stressing all the time while being moody and on edge with my family because of all the stress. Leslie taught me how to make time for myself (huge for me!!!), manage my time so much better, eat foods that actually gave me energy and made me feel better ( all while losing over 20 pounds in the process!!), manage my stress so much better and improve the dynamic in my family. I learned how to prepare meals ahead of time, set boundaries in my life, exercise regularly, and still succeed on a professional level. My life is literally changed for good. She gave me the structure and skills, and most importantly the confidence, to finally live the life I always dreamed of. I would not wait another second before reaching out to her! This will be the absolute best investment you ever made.” Shelley, Connecticut

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