How To Manage Your Lost Career

“How to manage your lost career” is an ecourse that is designed to enable you to take a look at where you are now and where you want to be with your career.

Maybe you are not happy with what you are currently doing? Maybe you want something else, but don’t know exactly what that is? This course includes a number of exercises and assignments that will enable you to answer all of your questions and teach you all you need to know in order for you to rediscover your lost career.

You spend so much of your time at work, it makes sense to do something that you are best suited to do. This book will get you back on track!

Course content:

* Produce your career and life goals
* Know what direction you need to move in
* Know what is important to you in a career and what is not
* Learn to sell yourself as a person
* Answer any interview question that is thrown at you
* Overcome interview nerves
* Communicate your strengths without bragging
* Understand what employers are looking for in a potential candidate
* Prepare and plan beforehand to ensure a successful interview
* Negotiate a better pay deal

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