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Mom and daughter week-end in Copper

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I was so excited to head up to Copper Mountain and spend an entire week-end with my daughter Morganne! It is so rare to have quality time with each child so we were anxiously awaiting a fun couple of days of adventure and bonding. We arrived at Copper One which is a beautiful condo complex right in Center Village. I can’t tell you how convenient and beautiful this property was! It was literally at the base of the mountain so you could just walk out the entrance and head up to the ski hill or walk over to a restaurant or head next door to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory.

This trip was all about exploring off-mountain activities while in Copper. For those of you that may not ski or want to experience other outings, I’ve got some great ideas for you! We were able to do some relaxing activities and some adventurous ones all in the same trip.

After we settled into our condo we decided we needed to head over to Sugar Lips for some AMAZING mini donuts:) My daughter fell in love with Sugar Lips last time we came up to Copper so of course we had to venture over there. And of course the walk from our condo was literally one minute away.

2013-02-15_14-35-54_254 Here is Morganne enjoying her peanut butter, chocolate and graham cracker donuts! They were to die for! We satisfied our sugar craving and walked around a bit. We then decided to head back to the condo and take a dip in the hot tub.

2013-02-15_14-05-40_973 This warmed us up and got us excited for the rest of the week-end. We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and evening and even got a yummy caramel apple at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory after dinner. It’s little too convenient being right next door to our condo:) We woke up on Saturday morning prepared to have a very FULL and fun-filled day! We started off by heading over to the Copper Mountain Spa and Athletic Club. I was excited for Morganne to receive her first massage ever! Morganne and I headed back to the locker room and put on very comfy robes and slippers. We then walked to the massage waiting room and relaxed on the couch before our appointment. I used to be a massage therapist so she knows all about massage and the benefits, but she has never received a professional massage. I was just a tad nervous that Morganne would feel comfortable with the process, but the therapist at the Spa could not have been more kind and wonderful to her. When I finished my massage Morganne was waiting for me in the waiting area. She had a huge smile on her face and couldn’t stop telling me how much she LOVED the massage! She especially loved the heated blanket she got to lie on. She couldn’t believe I never filled her in on this secret before:)

After the massage we headed back to the condo to get changed for tubing. We walked one minute from our condo complex and hopped on the bus to the east village. This again was like a one minute drive-so convenient! We grabbed our tickets and headed to the tubing hill.

2013-02-16_11-19-28_626We had the best time! We rode the magic carpet to the top of the hill and decided to ride together by holding on to each others tubes. There are four lanes that go from slower to super fast, with lots of curves and even a jump on one of the hills. Morganne and I went on the hill with the jump and she literally flew feet into the air with the biggest smile on her face! What I loved about this tubing hill is that you make a reservation for a time slot so the hill never gets too crowded. Otherwise waiting in line with little kids isn’t too much fun.  I highly recommend heading over to the tubing hill when you are at Copper this winter!

We then headed back to center village and walked over to the zip line. 2013-02-16_13-07-57_530

It is conveniently right next to Sugar Lips mini donuts:) We were the first ones there so we got on our gear and got ready to go. The zip line goes right over Copper lake in center village and zips you 300 feet to the other side. This is a lot of fun for kids and adults! We both went a couple of times and had a great time.

Our last adventure that day was to head over to Woodward at Copper. This is so unique to Copper and the other mountain resorts that it is a must see! It is like an indoor play area with foam pits, trampolines and mini ramps. Morganne took part in a private lesson where she got to jump around, play in the foam pits and practice her flips. She did not want to leave! All in all it was a very busy and fun day. There is so much to do in Copper, whether you like to hang out on the mountain or not, so just explore and try new things. We can’t wait to come back up in March and try out the skiing!