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Fear never leads to freedom


Good Morning everyone!! Something I love very much is partnering with people who are at cross roads in their lives, and supporting them to face their fears and pursue their passions and dreams. No matter what you are going through, relationship struggles, lack of purpose, weight challenges, it always boils down to a fear. Fear of failing. Fear of not being loved. Fear of doing the wrong thing. Once you get to the source it is much easier to move forward and push through the fear. And sometimes you simply need a kind word or gentle ear to help you move over these hurdles.

What are you afraid of? What would you say are the biggest fears holding you back in your life? Sometimes you simply need to say it out loud first and recognize there is an emotion behind your actions. Do you know what FEAR stands for? False expectations appearing real. Most of our fears are in our head, as simple as that. We create these extravagant images of what we think will happen if we do something and most of these images are false. Here is my mindful tip for the day. Take one fear, one that keeps you stuck and write it down. Here is an example:

If I leave this relationship I will be alone for the rest of my life.

Now ask yourself the next question. Do I know for 100% accuracy that the above statement is true? Will I without a doubt be alone for the rest of my life? The answer is probably “no”. You think you will be alone, thus the fear, but you do not know for sure. Next step is to write down some actions you can take to help you move closer to breaking through your fear. Here are some examples.

Reach out to a therapist or life coach who can support you in this transition. Write down how your life will improve if you move past your fear. Ask your friends for support while you move forward. Keep yourself active with activities that make you feel good.

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Have a fabulous Friday!