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Push yourself every now and then~

Last week-end I was very excited to go on a hike with my son and a group he is involved with. I love hiking but haven’t hiked in a while. It was an all day adventure and I was a little on the nervous side. I think I am in pretty good shape, but I had no idea what level of hike we were going to be going on. As we started it was a bit steeper than I was expecting and there were quite a few large rocks to hike over. At no point did I consider stopping, not to mention this would have mortified my son, but I definitely found a strength within to keep going.

I think it is really important to push your own boundaries every now and then. It is really easy to get complacent and comfortable in life, and where is the fun in that? Whether in business, relationships, your health or all of the above, make a conscious effort to push outside your comfort zone every now and then. I ended up loving the hike and was super excited when we reached the peak. It was absolutely breathtaking and I felt proud of myself for following through with my intention and continuing to hike even when I was a bit tired and my toes were killing from my hiking boots.

When is the last time you really pushed yourself in something? How did it feel? Do you think your life needs a little jump start in getting outside your complacency? I know I always feel better when I achieve something, no matter what the goal. So good luck and feel open to sharing your own experiences here with me!

Tips to stay resilient~

It may seem as though things are improving, and for some they may be, but many people are still struggling with job loss and financial insecurity. This can be frightening and unsettling. Life can throw you curve balls when you least expect it, but there are always ways you can combat these hurdles. I rememberContinue Reading